CLAUDIA Crystal with Silver N122

$ 83.00

“Puffy Heart”
Pendant handmade with Swarovski Crystal Jet and Sterling Silver 0.925 grains.
Size 5
Venetian Box C1239 Chain 1.0mm, lunga 18 inches (45cm) in Sterling Silver 0.925.


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These beautiful “Puffy Heart” pendants are some of the most popular of our collection.

It’s handmade by weaving Swarovski Crystal of two sizes beads and one, two or three colors.
It is perfect gift for any occasion.

This “Puffy Heart” motif is 3D and has three sizes:

          • size 4
            measure 1.10 inches (27mm) H;
            1.10 inches (27mm) W                                 $ 73.00
            without chain                                                 $ 47.00
          • size 5 measure 1.40 inches (30mm) H;
            1.40 inches (30mm) W                                  $ 83.00
            without chain                                                  $ 57.00
          • size 6 measure 1.80 inches (45mm) H;
            1.60 inches (35mm) W                                   $ 90.00
            without chain                                                  $ 67.00


This gorgeous NECKLACE CAN also be made in
14Kt Gold filled grains, Sterling Silver 0.925 and Argentium 0.935.

see Claudia Silver...

and in Swarovski Crystal.

see Claudia Crystal...

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