CLAUDIA Silver N122

$ 80.00

“Puffy Heart”
Pendant handmade with Sterling Silver 0.925 grains.
Size 3
Ribbed Rol C2035 Chain 1.2mm, long 18 inches (45 cm) in Sterling Silver 0.925..






This beautiful Silver Heart pendant is a Classic our collection.

It’s handmade by weaving Argentium® silver 0.935 or Sterling Silver 0.925 beads or 14Kt gold filled.
It is perfect gift for any occasion.

This “Puffy Heart” motif is 3D and have two sizes:

          • size 3 measure 0.80 inches (20mm) H; 1 inches (25mm) W
            handmade in Argentium 0.935         $ 96.00
            handmade in Sterling Silver 0.925  $ 80.00
            handmade in 14Kt gold filled           $ 87.00
          • size 4 measure 1.25 inches (20mm) H; 2 inches (25mm) W
            handmade in Argentium 0.935         $ 104.00
            handmade in Sterling Silver 0.925   $ 100.00

            handmade in 14Kt gold filled            $ 129.00







Foreign currencies and precious metals markets fluctuate weekly according to the London Spot Market. This means prices for precious metal beads, findings and components fluctuate weekly as well. Our precious metal prices reflect both metal content and artisan labor; however, price fluctuations apply only to metal content.
The prices posted on the internet are based on the London Spot Market and are updated when you order.


This gorgeous NECKLACE CAN also be made in
14Kt Gold filled grains with a “Triple Rope” Co1143 Chain
0.75mm,  18 inches (45 cm) long, in 14Kt Gold filled

and Argentium 0.935.


 in Swarovski Crystal with Sterling Silver grains.

see Claudia C/S...




and in Swarovski Crystal.

see Claudia Crystal...

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Argentium® Sterling Silver is a silver produced to a
higher standard than traditional Sterling Silver.

Argentium® Silver 935 is revolutionizing the way in which silver is manufactured and appreciated in the 21st century and its WHITE color is remarkable.

Due to the presence of a rare metallic element called "germanium," Argentium® is highly resistant to tarnish and keeps its shine staying bright for weeks, months and years, depending on the climate and housing.

Germanium is a hard element with a metallic luster and the same crystal structure as diamonds. By replacing copper found in regular sterling silver with germanium, Argentium® silver offers long-wearing shine that will stay in pristine condition with the occasional rub of a soft cotton cloth.

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